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How to Dress: Fashion Interview

Interviews are intimidating as is, but fashion interviews may seem even more intimidating! So How does one put together an appropriate outfit for a fashion interview?


Keep these 3 things in mind when preparing:

  1. Your appearance will be a first impression.

  2. Match the aesthetic of the company and position.

  3. Keep it clean and simple.

Keep your look fashion-forward and professional.

Incorporate the brand into your outfit to make yourself look professional and knowledgeable about the company. Don’t be afraid to express yourself but keep it appropriate and minimal

Expression based on role.

If you are interested in the creative side of fashion, like fashion & costume design, an outstanding choice in clothes will leave a great impression. Bright colors and unique pieces are acceptable but should be kept acceptable.


If you are interested in a corporate setting, such as marketing & supply chain, a professional look would fit you best.

You wear your confidence

As we said that your appearance will make a first impression, so will your posture, your facial expression and the way you speak. What makes fashion so great is not always the pieces but the person wearing them. Confidence will make you stand out. Don’t be shy in your outfit and make sure it fits you comfortably.

Now go rock that interview! 

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