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What To Do Other Than An Internship? 

If landing an internship proves elusive, don't lose heart. Every journey is unique and alternative pathways are waiting to be explored.

Keep reading to learn FORM's tips on what you can do for yourself to make sure you end up where you need to be!

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Networking ​

  • Start with someone you vaguely know. It can be an alumni from your school, someone you met at a career fair, etc

  • Let curiosity drive you. Ask questions & tell them why you are interested in what you are interested in

  • Set networking goals for yourself (e.g. network with one person a week) 

Personal Projects & Portfolios​​

  • Conveys passion, creativity, and technical fashion-related skills through tangible projects   

  • Helps you get practical, real-world fashion experience 

  • Shows that you have done your work and spent time researching and learning about fashion

  • Examples of sample portfolios 

    • Fashion blog/website showcasing your fashion inspiration, outfit ideas, and personal style 

    • Fashion illustrations and sketches 

    • Portfolio of photography work 

    • Sew your clothing pieces or accessories

Fashion Workshops/Courses

  • Can provide in-depth education on different sectors of the industry, such as design, merchandising, marketing, and trend forecasting

  • Gets you involved in hands-on activities and projects to help you develop practical skills  

  • Helps you learn from industry professionals and experienced instructors  Connects you with like-minded individuals and peers, expanding your network

  • Adds credibility and experience to your resume 

Join a Club/ Student Organization

  • Provides hands-on experience

  • Showcases your involvement in industry events

  • Helps you gain industry exposure to explore different career paths 


  • Provides hands-on experience 

  • Showcases your involvement in industry events 

  • Helps you gain industry exposure to explore different career paths

Internships are important, but don't be discouraged because it can be difficult. There are still so many other avenues that you can take to gain experience, expand your knowledge, and get involved in the fashion industry.

Good luck! 

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