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Fashion In Colors: Exploring the Human Psyche

By: Zia Ostawal

With the changing of seasons comes a shift in moods and trends. As the leaves change colors, so do the colors of clothes and accessories that people gravitate towards. This fall hasn’t been any different, as seasonal colors have made their way into people’s wardrobes and everyday looks.

As temperature drops and daylight shrinks, darker neutrals like dark brown, gray, and navy have become increasingly popular. These neutrals offer versatility, timelessness, and simplicity. Interest in neutral colors is at all-time highs and it’s mainly colors like dark brown and gray that are at the forefront. In comparison, shades like black and white have been becoming less popular. Clothes in these colors complement a wide range of other colors, making it easy to layer, especially in the fall. With the changing weather, layering has become our new normal making it more important that our outfits remain cohesive and colors are complementary, not clashing. With jackets and outerwear making it back out of closets, dark brown is having its time in the limelight. With business casual and office core making its way back into the trends, shades of gray have made their way back into work apparel and casual everyday wear.


With neutrals becoming increasingly popular, bold pops of colors in the form of statement pieces are making a comeback. Accessories are one way that people, tired of covering their outfits with their puffer and other jackets, are able to make a statement and showcase their originality and uniqueness. They allow people to differentiate themselves from the masses and let their personality shine. By far this season’s trendy accessory color is red. In particular, pops of red like red socks, red outerwear, red ribbons, scarves, and hair accessories have gained prominence. This, as Vogue says, comes “at a time when it’s easier to feel more discombobulated than not, and it’s not surprising that a color which simultaneously represents life and danger is trending.”


Another trendy color is pink. This has become popularized with the resurgence of ballet core and barbie-core where people have reclaimed the color pink. The ballet core aesthetic focuses on delicate femininity and can be seen in baby pink accessories such as ribbons, shrugs, and ballet flats. It focuses on simple feminine silhouettes that fulfill a fantasy while being functional. Barbie-core was brought about by the popularity of the recent live-action Barbie movie. This trend focuses on ultra femininity where pink represents strength and determination. Typically this is seen in all pink looks, where people are dressed head to toe in hot pink.


Color is a medium in which people are able to express themselves and has been a determining part of fashion trends. Both color trend cycles and fashion trend cycles are intertwined and influence each other. Integrate these colors into your wardrobe effortlessly by adding accessories like jewelry, bags, scarves, outerwear, and socks showcasing your unique adaptations of these trends.

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