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Trend Forecast: How Quarantine Changed Our Wardrobes

Updated: Nov 20, 2020


Almost eight months into the pandemic, we have seen and experienced so many unprecedented events and movements. From Zoom calls to socially distanced picnics, we have taken advantage of this period of change.

Quarantine has offered an opportunity for people to explore and grow. It has been freeing in a way to be at home and have this chance to really try new things. We’ve seen hair dyes, bangs, ab workouts, and a resurgence of old fashion trends, and a chance to be bold. One thing that never fails to change? Fashion.

There has also been an increase in the use of Pinterest and Depop, where people can turn to these applications for advice, inspiration, and potential new clothing they may want to own. The emergence of TikTok, as well, as one of the most popular social media platforms, solidified this shift in fashion as something we can look for inspiration from, the ability to grasp and incorporate different styles from all over the world.

Quarantine is a time to bond with others hopping onto a Zoom call or Facetime to show off your new outfits, your new wardrobe, or your revamped clothing, as we’ve witnessed with the trend of upcycling clothes, a creative way for reuse. A unique style or new look does not inherently mean one has to splurge and go on a shopping spree, as thrift stores are a viable option, in addition to Depop. For example, user and influencer, @themontanaexperience, on TikTok and Instagram, utilizes their platform to promote their thrifted clothing and encourage this kind of sustainable buying, using Depop. People have also started to note where their clothing is coming from, choosing more sustainable and responsible brands. Notably, the call for social justice, the Black Lives Matter movement, has also caused people to evaluate how they invest in clothing. Brands like Come Back as A Flower and Label By Three, founded by people of color, focuses on creating garments that are ethical and environmentally friendly.

While either in class or doing work, we may be turning to more comfortable clothes. Naturally, there has been an inclination towards this kind of clothing, while also still being fashionable. We’ve seen a growing combination of these two elements: comfort and fashion. As an example, tie-dye sweatpants and sweaters can be found anywhere. It’s been a time of experimentation and development and to really find ourselves fashion-wise. You can combine anything, you can wear anything in your house, and really manipulate your wardrobe to find yourself and find what you like. Nothing is truly hindering you from choosing to dress how you desire to in the comfort of your home.

There also seems to be an underlying sentiment of feeling carefree and less insecure about our outfit choices. With everything going on in the world, how others perceive our fashion is probably the last thing on our mind. Maybe that is something we can take advantage of and learn from, to implement this idea in other aspects of our lives too.

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