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How to use Instagram and Pinterest as a Vision Board

By: Ranna Albrolisy

Hey everyone! Ranna here :) Today I am going to take you step by step through how to use social media like Instagram and Pinterest as a vision board!

** NOTE:

When making vision boards on any platform, deliberate intention is important! Meaning, you aren’t just picking out pretty pictures. You are intentionally picking pictures that remind you of your goals in life and the life you WANT. With the repetition of picking out images that align with your goals, you will most likely stay inspired to continue going after what you want!


  1. Follow the accounts that align with your interests and hobbies

  2. Make folders in the “Saved” section under your profile that connect to goals you have in life or what you want to manifest

  3. Every time you scroll on Instagram and something catches your eye, save it!

  4. Throughout the week, look through your saved folder to keep your energy aligned with what you want

  5. Enjoy watching your manifestations come to life! (Aligned with a killer work ethic of course 😉)


  1. Follow accounts that align with what you want to manifest

  2. Search stuff according to what you want (ie if you want money, search things related to money/abundance.)

  3. Once you find a pin you want to save that matches what you are looking for, hover the mouse over the pin you want and it should say “save”

  4. To the left of the “save” button will be a down arrow that will most likely say “Profile”

  5. Press “Create Board” and name it according to the category that you would like to focus on (ie “Money manifestation” or something like that)

  6. Press save and repeat the process until you have all of the images you want for each category

  7. Look back on the boards weekly to remember your goals!

** You can also make your Pinterest Home Page your mood board(s) by following accounts that align with the different things and as you scroll through, you will affirm your desires :)

Examples of folders you could have:

  • Money/Abundance

  • Love/Soulmate

  • Fashion

  • Beauty/hair/skincare (you make each of these a separate folder)

  • Travel

  • Fitness

  • Food

  • Motivation/quotes you might like

  • Spirituality/Faith

  • Organization ideas (label according to what you want to focus on– office space, home in general, etc.)

  • Whatever kind of home you want

  • Cars

  • Pets

  • Children

  • Business

  • Art

  • And so much more!

That’s all for now guys!

Till next time,

Ranna <3

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These days you need this constant flow of ideas and things that keep you going. I never thought using the Save option and grouping posts, reels, and pictures could have a potential in shaping our lives. Thanks to the blogger, for letting us know about this. Definitely relying on Instagram as my vision board now!


The way the blogger changed the perception of picking out pictures to post is really refreshing. In this world where everything is about filters and picking the prettiest pictures (regardless of the fact that the person is already beautiful), reading about picking the ones that align with our goals and what we want really helps with self-esteem and self growth. As someone guilty of focusing on the audience than my interest, this post really helped change my mindset! :)

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