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EARA: Rebranding Clip On Earrings

By: Camryn Ling

For years, clip-on earrings have been rendered tacky or childish. This is largely due to the fact that clip on earrings have been commonly sold in places such as Claire’s, which is often targeted towards a younger generation; however for the teenagers or adults who don’t have their ears pierced accessorizing with earrings becomes difficult because there really isn’t an affordable, nor stylish store that sells clip-ons catered towards older audiences. Often when looking for clip-ons through a simple search only brings up odd or extravagant costume jewelry or garish designed clip-ons for steep prices.

For those with unpierced ears, purchasing clip-ons and trying to find the perfect pair was simply trial and error. Often traditional clip on earrings have a clip attached that would squeeze earlobes painfully tight and cause the wearer extreme discomfort.

The brand EARA, however, seeks to break the stigma around clip ons; rebranding clip ons as a classy alternative “for unpierced, pierced, and sensitive ears.” EARA sells a variety of trendy earrings from gold hoops of varying sizes, dangle earrings, and even a variety of ear cuffs.

Forgoing traditional earrings (for pierced ears), is not only for the ‘unpierced,’ but for those who have pierced ears or sensitivity to traditional earring materials. Often ear infections from the healing period after fresh piercings can leave people unable to wear traditional earrings, or allergies to traditional earring materials. EARA not only rebrands clip-ons as stylish and modern, they innovate. They sell clip-ons that are comfortable. EARA’s clip-ons have a different type of ‘clip’ attached to their earrings. Some of their designs use a soft malleable metal that bends to ‘hug’ the earlobe, rather than the traditional metal clamp that clips or clamps onto the earlobe. This adjustable clamping feature or “hugging” as they call it offers wearers comfort that previously clip-ons did not offer. Adjustability is a huge issue with clip-ons that ERA has overcome. EARA rebrands traditional clip on earrings by not only offering customers a range of classic and trendy designs, but by innovating a new design of clip on earrings: ‘huggies.’

Earrings are truly the perfect and simple finishing touch on most outfits, and this brand offers the unpierced the opportunity to accessorize with pieces previously unavailable to them. As EARA says, “piercing is not for everyone, but that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the style trends as well. You can still rock earrings that are comfortable.”

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