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How to Get Involved In the Fashion Industry during a Pandemic 

So, you are probably stuck at home, wishing that you can be on campus right now. Or worse - constantly thinking about what you are going to do in the future after the pandemic. Getting a job in fashion after college seems even more impossible.You may feel as though your career in fashion is already over, before it even began. Now, I am going to need you to stop your doomsday thinking and don’t fret! - because I got some ways for you to be involved with fashion from the comfort of wherever you are. 

Virtual Events 

Virtual Events are one of the easiest ways to get involved in the Fashion Industry during this pandemic. You can just join a Zoom or Google Hangout meeting and come out, knowing more than you did before. There are so many panels and just fun, informational events that you can join. Also, it is a great way to meet new people who are currently working in the fashion industry or to make friends with other people who aspire to be in the fashion industry like you. 


If you want to get involved and don’t know how to, I would recommend going to the GetInvolved website. You can search for different clubs and organizations based on your interests. A lot of organizations have instagram and other social media, so following the ones you are interested in would keep you in the loop of what virtual events are happening.


Outreach to Small Businesses/Non-profit organizations

As a result of the pandemic, many businesses and organizations have been affected negatively and are struggling to stay afloat. But, some of them might be in need for help behind the scenes. Feel free to outreach small businesses or non-profit organizations and volunteer your time. You might be able to offer up your skills for a good cause and leave with some new skills at the end of your experience.


If you are a little shy about reaching out to these businesses, there are plenty of programs on campus that have partnerships with small to medium sized businesses and organizations. So, joining a program can give you the opportunity to help out a business and gain more work experience. For example, last semester I had joined a program where I was an extern at a small company. Now, I work for them part-time, and it has been a great experience. It has been a wonderful opportunity for me to be a part as I can see in what ways I am making an impact.




Online Courses 

Before you sigh and write this off, hear me out! Online courses and certifications are the best way to gain more skills that would make you more marketable and valuable to fashion companies. Especially if you currently are not taking any classes that directly relates to your interest in being in the fashion industry, online classes can definitely boost yourself up. You can find many different online courses on Youtube, Coursera, Linkedin Learning, etc.


*Pro-tip: If you don’t know what exactly you want to take a course on, go online and find a job description for a position you are interested in. Then, look at the skills required for that job. Check off the skills that you are confident in, and take online classes on the skills that you are not confident in.


Social Media

In the digital age, you can really make your career or accelerate your career with the tools around. Social Media allows you to express yourself and to market yourself to a larger audience. So, if you are interested in photography, create an Instagram account to display your photographs. If you sew or make jewelry, open up an online shop and get to work! Honestly, the Internet is your oyster, so use it to your advantage. If you are super interested in fashion journalism, create a blog. There are so many websites and applications that give you the space to have a voice in Fashion. Be Creative. Be Bold. You never know who may see your creations and work, and what opportunities that might stem from them!

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