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Above the Clouds

2020 - 2021 Event Recap

FORM's First Virtual Retail Career Fair

FORM started off this remote school year with a bang celebrating two wins with the event: 

1. An all time high of 80+ students attending the virtual retail career fair 

2. Collaborated for the first time with Christian Dior, Tapestry, and Bulgari - three name brand luxury fashion companies 


Target Case Study Night

What better way to learn about a case study than to participate in one? FORM split up into breakout rooms so everyone could actively take part in this night. 


Rutgers FORM X Bulgari

The FORM Community got an inside scoop of what Bulgari's recruiters look for in candidates, specifically through the scope of Linkedin. 


Recruitment Season 101 

At the Recruitment Season 101 event moderated by FORM's President Amna Khan, students learned personal tips from the E-Board. One of the best tips included creating an excel spreadsheet to organize companies, deadlines, connection contacts, and acceptances during recruitment season! 


Procreate Workshop 

FORM hosted their first Procreate workshop this year and by popular demand, they posted another one. Both led by Judy Lam, the Director of Digital Media and Co-Director of Event Planning, and Sarah Ng, Co-Director of Marketing. 


A Guide to Trend Forecasting

Trend forecasting 101: What is it? Why is it important? This meeting was led by Amna Khan, the President of Rutgers FORM, and later led the group in analyzing spring fashion trends from the past few months. 

Above the Clouds

Fashion Week

The most awaited event of the year, Fashion Week, was hosted this year between March 29 - April 1. Fashion week consisted of 5 amazing fashion events that explored undermined topics such as sustainability, the impact of black culture, and social media. 


Day 1: The Impact of Black Culture on the Fashion Industry was hosted by diversity and inclusion enthusiasts Chrissy Rutherford and Danielle Prescod, who founded their 2BG consulting business. 


Day 2: Social Media Affects on Fashion Marketing was hosted by Courtney Denton, Art Director, and Content Manager, as she walked us through the general steps of creating and implementing a beauty product-based ad campaign.


Day 3: Cranes for Change: Supporting AAPI Communities as a College Student was hosted by student Kelsey Chin. She is a small business owner heavily involved in the Asian American community by selling earrings and donating proceeds to NYC Chinatown. 


Day 4: Fashion Week Giveaway, with fashion week coming to an end, FORM showed their gratitude to everyone who attended fashion week by announcing a giveaway. The Giveaway prize was a free consultation with the FORM EBoard and picking an outfit of their choice. 

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